Photo by Kristian Sweeney

Hi, I'm Stephen 👋

I'm a data scientist based in Oslo, Norway 🇳🇴

I made this website to provide easy-to-understand tutorials for people of all skill levels who want simple answers to simple, or not-so-simple, data questions.

But, why?

Well, I switched to a career in data science from finance and a short stint working in a kindergarten (it's a long story). I did this by learning from online courses and tutorials, so I created this website to help others do the same.

What do you write about?

On this website, I focus on tutorials about data science, which could be anything from understanding what metric values actually mean to learning how to get data from Snowflake into your Python script.

I essentially try to cover real-world topics that you would experience on the job.

Why not start by looking at these topic guides