Snowflake and SnowSQL tutorials

Snowflake is a popular database tool that has become the go to data warehouse technology for modern cloud based companies. This collection of posts will guide you around working within the Snowflake UI, the SQL commands that can be executed, and common workflows that users undertake.

Creating tables

Create table in Snowflake
Create or replace table in Snowflake
Create table as select in Snowflake

Editing tables

Drop table in Snowflake
Delete table in Snowflake
Rename Snowflake table
Swap Snowflake tables
Rename Snowflake column
Add multiple columns to Snowflake table
Add column to Snowflake table

Creating or editing views

Snowflake materialized view
Snowflake create view
View vs materialized view
Materialized view vs table
View vs table

Users and access

Grant role to a user in Snowflake

Transformation and aggregation functions

Snowflake coalesce function
Snowflake replace function
Snowflake listagg function
Snowflake concat function
Snowflake substring function