Grant role to user in Snowflake

Having good control over which users have which roles in Snowflake is a key part of maintaining good data practices. Being able to grant the correct role to a user is therefore important to know. Thankfully this is incredibly easy to do in Snowflake.

This is how to you grant role to a user in Snowflake:

GRANT ROLE <name> TO { ROLE <parent_role_name> | USER <user_name> }

Grant role to a user in Snowflake

Granting a role to a user enables the user to undertake all the operations and privileges that are permitted by the role. An example of granting a role to a user can be seen here:

grant role engineer to user user1

Grant role to a role in Snowflake

It’s also possible to grant a role to another role, which creates a “role hierarchy” between the two. For example, if you have a main sysadmin role and want to grant a newly created role to that role, then you could do that like so:

grant role engineer to role sysadmin;

This example would make the role sysadmin the “parent” to the role engineer in this role to role hierarchy.

Snowflake privileges, roles, and users

A Snowflake privilege is an action that a role can undertake, and that role is then granted to a user. A way to visualise these relationships is:

Privilege → Role → User

There are many different types of privileges that a role can receive, but the key ones to know are:

  • SELECT: Makes it possible to run select commands
  • UPDATE: Makes it possible to run update commands
  • TRUNCATE: Makes it possible run a truncate table command
  • CREATE: Make it possible to run a create table or create view command
  • INSERT: Make it possible to run an insert command

Creating tables and views

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Editing tables and views

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